tile model

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tile model 能够生成新的图像细节,并忽略原图里的已有图像细节,因此,该模型可以用于移除不好的细节,添加改善后的细节. 例如,移除由于图像缩放所引起的模糊.




  • 忽略图片的细节,生成新的细节
  • 若 local tile semantics 和 prompts 不匹配,则忽略 global prompts,并采用 local context 来引导 diffusion 生成.

如果原图像本身已经有很好的细节,仍然可以采用 tile model 替换图像细节. Stable Diffusion's I2I 可以实现类似作用,但 tile model 更易于保持图像的整体结构,只改变细节,即使 denosing strength =1.0.

ControlNet tile model,对于给定 tile,其首先识别 tile 里所包含的东西,并增强其识别到的语义的影响;且,当 内容与 prompts 不匹配时,降低 global prompts 的影响.

sd-webui-controlnet tile model


  1. it can do 2x, 4x, or 8x super resolution
  2. it can add, or change, or re-generate image details in an image
  3. it can fix, refine, and improve bad image details obtained by any other super resolution methods like bad details or blurring from RealESRGAN
  4. it can guide SD to diffuse in tiles, "one beautiful girl" will not generate 16 girls if you use 16 tiles and denoising strength 1.0.
  5. it can finish unfinished artwork drafts if those drafts are drawn by color blocks


  • The preprocessor can be none or tile_resample (tile_resample is just a resizing to make your image smaller if you want more variations)


  • do not forget to try different control modes - it can produce interesting effects
  • this model supports resolution 768 or 1024 well. You can try it if you find SD's 512 is too small and blur.
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